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Handmade Kindred Throw Quilt in Navy Aqua Teal Green and Yellow

Handmade Kindred Throw Quilt in Navy Aqua Teal Green and Yellow

End date: 11-30-2023 - 09:45:00 PM
Winning bid: $225.00 (11 bids)
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L*** M***** $225.00 11-30-2023 - 09:54:15 AM
L*** M***** $180.00 11-30-2023 - 09:10:36 AM
L*** M***** $150.00 11-30-2023 - 09:09:48 AM
L*** M***** $130.00 11-30-2023 - 02:48:16 AM
M***** S****** $110.00 11-29-2023 - 08:21:55 PM
C***** M****** $100.00 11-29-2023 - 02:18:19 PM
L**** L*** $90.00 11-28-2023 - 07:39:15 AM
F*** O** $80.00 11-28-2023 - 07:39:15 AM
L**** L*** $70.00 11-27-2023 - 08:49:34 PM
L*** J********* $60.00 11-27-2023 - 02:07:01 PM
L**** L*** $50.00 11-14-2023 - 11:19:37 AM
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This stunning one-of-a-kind quilt is the perfect accent for your modern farmhouse decor and will add a lovely touch to your home. You'll find a mix of modern fabrics in blues, teal, green, and yellow with white and royal blue accents. This quilt has huge snuggle factor and will be your go-to blanket.

This beautiful quilt measures approximately 60" x 72", a generous Throw size.


All prints are high-quality quilt-shop fabrics from the a Boundless fabric collection. The batting is Hobbs Heirloom cotton poly, a premium batting. The backing is a white and navy fabric. This quilt has been accurately pieced and professionally longarm quilted in a modern design in white thread, adding marvelous texture and movement to the quilt. The binding is a mix of the fabrics found in the quilt and is double fold and attached by machine for durability.


The quilt has not been washed and dried. Machine wash and dry, cool temperatures with Shout Color Catchers.

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