Easy Bargello Quilt Pattern - The Muted Rainbow and Charcoal Version!

Easy Bargello Quilt Pattern - The Muted Rainbow and Charcoal Version!

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Today I'm sharing another Easy Bargello quilt!  If you've never made a Bargello quilt, this is a great pattern to start with because it is so easy!

That Beautiful Fabric!

Honestly, I can't remember the name of this fabric, and I can't find any information on it.  It is a tone-on-tone hatch-like fabric, as is the charcoal background.  The backing is a hatch extra wide from Connecting Threads.

Easy Bargello would also look great in a single colorway, just arrange the fabrics with hues going from dark to light, then back to dark, then back to light, however many times is needed to total the required number of strips.

If your jelly roll has duplicate strips, place one of each strip in the order you like, then repeat the order with the second of each strip.

Your jelly roll doesn't have to be a rainbow grouping either.  Just group the fabrics in the same colorway together and then arrange those groups in the order you like, and then you're set!

Strip Piecing and No Seams to Match!

Easy Bargello is entirely strip pieced, so it goes together very quickly.  In addition, there are no seams to match for the win.  Just eyeball the squares from strip to strip and keep them lined up.

The Easy Bargello quilt pattern is available in the Busy Hands Quilts shop.

The Twin Size!

Easy Bargello is a simple jelly roll quilt pattern, and one jelly roll is perfect for a Twin size quilt.  This pattern includes only the Twin size because of the extensive amount of math that would have been necessary to figure out other sizes.  All of my other quilt patterns include two sizes, and 95% of them include five or more, so this one-size quilt pattern is the exception.

If you want a smaller quilt, you could leave off strips in the strip sets and decrease the number of vertical segments.  Or if you want a larger quilt, you could add wider borders.

Longarm Quilting

This Easy Bargello quilt top was made by Kare and quilted and bound by me in the Diagonal Bias Plaid design in dark gray thread on my Handi Quilter Fusion with ProStitcher.  I love this modern design that adds such depth to quilts.  I've never been disappointed with the results in the many times I've used it.

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