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About Us / Biography

Busy Hands Quilts is located in Bellingham, Washington, USA, and is owned by Myra Barnes.  BHQ sells quilt patterns in PDF and Printed form, as well as fabric and finished quilts.
Myra has always been addicted to fabric!  She began sewing around age 10 and made her first quilt during her first year away from home in college. Making that quilt helped fill the lonely times of missing home.  Fast forward a number of years to being married with three kids, when Myra became a proficient quilter 10 minutes at a time while homeschooling her children.  She is grateful she had a place where she could leave out her current project and just pick it up when she had a few minutes.  She encourages you to quilt even when you have just a few moments, and over time you will become a proficient quilter, too.  Now that her kids are all grown, she continues to love quilting and writes quilt patterns full-time.
Myra's favorite quilt to make is a rainbow quilt, and she can often be found on the computer figuring out how to make a non-rainbow pattern into a rainbow.  Her favorite method of sewing is strip piecing to save time rather than sewing individual pieces together, because life is better with more quilts, so she says let's make them faster!  You will find strip piecing in her quilt patterns whenever it is practical.  You will also find as many sizes as possible in Busy Hands Quilts' patterns when the math works out to customary quilt sizes, making them a true value for your dollar.  Two other features that Myra aims for in every pattern are using precuts and including pressing instructions so as many seams nest as possible.