About Us / Biography

Myra has OQD - Obsessive Quilting Disorder.  She became a proficient quilter 10 minutes at a time while homeschooling her children.  She is grateful she had a place where she could leave out her current project and just pick it up when she had a few free minutes.  She encourages you to quilt even when you have just a few moments, and over time you will become a proficient quilter, too.  Now that her kids are all grown, she continues to love quilting and writes quilt patterns full-time.

Myra’s goals in writing a quilt pattern is to include as many quilt sizes as possible, to use precuts, as well as strip piecing to make the project in less time.  Life is about making more quilts, so let’s make them quicker!

Myra lives in a small town in Ohio where she and her husband manage Busy Hands Quilts together.  She longed to live in a small town with Costco within 50 miles and got exactly that in the summer of 2023 when they moved to Ohio from Washington State.