Pattern Clarifications / Errata

A Scrappy Life

Block height has been verified in A Scrappy Life; the pattern is correct and works out mathematically.  If the height of your strip sets is larger than what is stated in the pattern, your seam allowance is a tad bit too small.  If the height of your strip sets is smaller than what is stated in the pattern, your seam allowance is a tad bit too big.  Seam allowance is even more crucial when there are so many seams within a strip set; even being off a little bit can make 1/2" difference.

Background Cutting Instructions - King size only - the second bullet point should state 349 total, not 288 total.

Printed stapled Booklet format only - Page 9 Queen Layout should state "Refer to Page 6 for Quilt Top Assembly Instructions" not Page 7.


Ava's Garden

Page 1 Notes:  There will be (...) total sets of 6 matching pieces each.  (not 8)

Brick Cottage Lane 2

At the top of Pages 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 reference is made to Page 7 for General Instructions.  This should state, refer to Page 5 for General Instructions.

Castle Dreams

If purchased before 06/18/2020, at the top of Page 3 the left column in the chart should read:

  • Strip Set A (10" x 21"),
  • Segment A (2.5" x 10")
  • Block A (6.5" x 10")


Revise Background cutting instructions to Queen 39, King 46.

If purchased before 04/28/2020, Fabric Requirements:  Throw size change the 7 FQs for Light and Dark fabrics to 8 each.

If purchased PDF before 1/30/2020, Page 1 Cutting Instructions.

Replace this line: "IF USING 2-1/2” STRIPS (skip if using FQs or 2-1/2" strips):" 

with "IF USING 2-1/2” STRIPS (skip if using FQs or 1/4-yard cuts):"


Fabric #4, Twin size only, Piece G should state 2-1/2" x 10-1/2" rectangles.

Fabric #5, Throw size only should state:

  • Cut (2) 10-1/2” x WOF strips, from each strip sub-cut (16) 2-1/2” x 10-1/2” rectangles; 30 total.  Label H. 
  • Cut (2) 12-1/2” x WOF strips, from each strip sub-cut (16) 2-1/2” x 12-1/2” rectangles; 30 total.  Label I. 

 All other sizes remain as stated. 


This change may already be shown in your pattern.  C squares should be 5-1/2" instead of 5-3/4".  The larger square size results in two overlapping pieces of background material at the top of some flying geese.
As stated in the pattern, it is correct that the background squares are light gray in the diagrams and the print squares are dark gray in the diagrams.  If you see the diagrams as the opposite (the background squares as dark gray and the print squares as light gray), it's your eyes playing tricks on you, and you need to refocus them somehow.  In the diagram, the two light gray squares (background) overlap each other in the middle of the graphic with the drawn line on the two squares lining up across the unit.
Under Cutting Instructions - Background:  Note that not all piece sizes are cut for all quilt sizes.


Twin XL - Fabric 1 - sub-cut 8 pieces from each strip, not 9.
Binding:  2-1/2" x WOF strips:  Throw 8, Twin XL 9, Queen 10.



Printed patterns only, very few were printed before this mistake was noted.
Page 4.  Some rows in the Queen size diagram are mislabeled.  They should be labeled:
  • Row 1:  C
  • Row 2:  D
  • Row 3:  E
  • Row 4:  F
  • Row 5:  G
  • Row 6:  H
  • Row 7:  I
Remaining rows are labeled correctly.

Home Awaits

If you question that the background strip for the pieced block is cut incorrectly in the instructions, please check your seam allowance.  With a seam allowance even slightly over 1/4", the 4 seams (each with 2 pieces of fabric) would easily make the block too narrow.  Many 1/4" presser feet are not accurate, so test yours out with some test strip sets.  There is not an error in the pattern regarding the background piece width; it all works out mathematically with an exact 1/4" seam allowance. 

Homeward Bound

Clarification:  The B strips in Strip Set U are random.

If purchased before 10/15/2019.  Page 7, please update the paragraph at the top of the page with the following:

"Trim quilt center if necessary, 1/4” outside the points where the Setting Triangles meet the Chain Blocks. 

Press all border seams away from the quilt center.  Join Inner Border strips end to end with straight seams.  Then join Outer Border strips end to end with straight seams.  Measure the quilt vertically through the center and piece two side Inner Border strips to fit.  Attach side Inner Borders.  Measure quilt horizontally through the center and piece two top/bottom Inner Borders to fit.  Attach top and bottom Inner Borders.  Measure quilt vertically through the center and piece two side Outer Border strips to fit.  Attach side Outer Borders.  Measure quilt horizontally through the center and piece two top/bottom Outer Border strips to fit.  Attach top and bottom Outer Borders." 


On the first batch of printed patterns, there is an error on the cover which states there are 8 sizes in the quilt pattern.  Jacks includes 6 sizes - Baby, Lap, Throw, Full, Queen, and King.

Key to My Heart

Page 3:  For Block A, use A squares.  For Block B, use B squares. 


This revision does not apply to any pattern purchased from Busy Hands Quilts and applies only to a pattern download or a quilt kit from Connecting Threads in Faux Tweed Tonals. 

Page 2 Background cutting instructions:  The third bullet point Cut (16) strips, should end with Label 80 squares F and label 80 squares H.

Note that the color of the grayscale diagrams in the pattern do not correlate with the color of the fabrics.  Place all pieces as indicated in the pattern by the unit labels, and do not follow the color of the diagrams for fabric placement.

Replace the diagram on Page 2 with the diagram below (F and H labels revised).


Cutting Instructions, Fabric #4, King size should read, "Cut (3) 2” x WOF strips, sub-cut each strip into (21) 2” squares; 61 total. Label 25 G and Label 36 K."


For quilt kit and pattern download purchased at Connecting Threads before March of 2021, make the following corrections:
  • Page 2, Cutting Instructions, Fabric #1 should read "rectangles" not "squares".
  • Page 5, Block A HSTs, press toward the A4 piece.
  • Page 5, Diagram 8, bottom row arrows should face inward toward the center square.
  • Page 6, BE HSTs, press toward the B4 piece.
  • Page 6, BB HSTs, press toward the B11 piece.
  • Page 6, Diagram 8, bottom row arrows should face inward toward the center square.

Oh Happy Day!

Pages 2 and 3 block names have been corrected.  References to how many Block BB are in a column should state Block AA rather than Block BB.  This error was caught very quickly, so very few customers will find this error in their pattern.

Ombre Mountains

Before October 7, 2020:  Fabric Selection Inspiration Page is missing the bottom 5 fabrics for both versions.  
  • To the Ombre version add the following:  294 Hyacinth, 295 Purple, 477 Zoe, 476 Berry Pie, 473 Antique Rose
  • To the Allison Glass version add the following:  9387-O Tiger Menagerie, 9256-E1 Strawberry Embroidery, 9387-E Salmon Menagerie, 8450-E1 Iodine Stitched, 9387-P Dahlia Menagerie
Before 10/14/2020:  Fabric Combinations Chart is missing Column D/E.  Top to bottom in that column should read 4, 4, 4, 4, 5, 6. 

Rolling Around

Cutting Instructions for Background fabric, Baby size - total D rectangles should be 20, not 26.

Shooting Stars

At the bottom of Page 1, just above the Binding section - replace "Dark Blue" with "Red", two times.  This has been corrected in your pattern if you don't find the words "Dark Blue" in that section.

Skip to My Lou

If your Printed copy of Skip to My Lou is missing the Block Assembly Instructions, please email us with proof of purchase, and we will email you a PDF insert. 


Reference to dark gray and light gray are for the diagrams in the pattern, not the color of fabrics.  The pattern states, "In Diagrams, Color 1 is Dark Gray, Color 2 is Light Gray, and Background is White."  Per the illustration on the last page, dark gray is in the position of the Yellow on the cover quilt and is thus Color 1, and light gray is in the position of the Gray on the cover quilt and thus Color 2.

Sweet Caroline

Cutting Instructions, the first chart, Lap size, Fabric #1 Label A column should read 14 instead of 12.  This does not change the Fabric Requirement for Fabric #1.


The sashing instructions regarding the ends of rows and setting triangles is correct as written.  The strip lengths are correct.  Make the pattern as written; it all works out in the end.  😊  
Attach all four corner blocks last after all rows and sashing strips have been joined together.
Go to Throw Quilt Top Assembly Page (the page number varies, depending on which pattern you have), in the upper right, add "Row 6 Bottom 16-1/2".  This error has been fixed on all but the very first batch  of patterns from October 2020.
All references to Twin size on the Block Assembly pages should state Throw size.

Waterfall II

Page 6, Block J Piecing Instructions, the last line should read "Block J measures..." instead of "Block H measures..."


For the Baby size only, the 5" squares need trimmed to 4" squares.

Winter Solstice

Purchased at Connecting Threads.  Page 1 - Colorways 3 and 4 are accidentally switched in the description boxes and do not match the fabric swatches.  Colorway 3 is the yellows, and colorway 4 is the greens.  This does not affect the remainder of the pattern in any way; follow the pattern as written.

Woven Windows

Cutting Instructions for 10" squares:
For all sizes, the second line of cutting instructions is incorrect.  It is impossible to cut the size and number of squares indicated from a 10" square.  The 4-7/8" squares labeled K need replaced with 4-3/4" squares; all quantities stay the same, and still label them K.  This will not affect block assembly as these squares are used in the setting triangles and are oversized already, so making them a tad bit smaller is still okay. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions about my patterns:  Myra @