Glimmer Throw Quilt in Botanicals!

Glimmer Throw Quilt in Botanicals!

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Today I'm sharing a Glimmer quilt in the Throw size - the newest quilt pattern in my pattern line!  This is the Throw size, and the pattern includes all of the sizes you would ever need - there are 8 in all!  

This is an easy quilt pattern that involves a lot of mindless sewing, and sometimes that is just what we need when we sit down with our bestie sewing machines.

A little side note - we are now Ohioans, having completed our cross-country trek from Washington State in late June!  

The Glimmer quilt pattern is available in the Busy Hands Quilts shop.

The Glimmer Quilt Pattern

There are 8 quilt sizes included in the instructions.  Including this many sizes does make it challenging to fit all of the information in the charts and into the Cutting Instructions, but I ♥ to spoil you, and you are so worth the extra effort!
  • Baby  45 x 45
  • Lap  45 x 63
  • Throw  54 x 72
  • Large Throw  60 x 80
  • Twin  70 x 90
  • Full  80 x 80
  • Queen  99 x 110
  • King  110 x 110
The pattern calls for yardage in 5 pairs of fabrics for the Baby size (10 fabrics), and yardage in 7 pairs of fabrics for all other sizes (14 fabrics).  This is pretty easy to achieve with today's fabric collections that have many colorways in them, or even your stash.  

Boundless Botanical Fabrics

These fabrics are Botanical by Boundless, an older fabric collection that is still available on Etsy right here.  It has many hues in all of the colorways of the rainbow, and it was hard to narrow down what to use, but I ended up going with purples, pinks, reds, oranges, aquas, and blues for this quilt.  The orange and blue blocks are placed next to each other because they play so nicely together, being on opposite sides of the colorwheel.

The backing is Tranquil Flannel Mosaic Allover in Navy which we stocked in The Wide Back Shop before we moved.  

The binding is a turquoise print from the Boundless Botanical collection.

The Glimmer quilt pattern is available in the Busy Hands Quilts shop.

Do you love nesting seams?  I sure do!  Glimmer includes pressing instructions so almost every seam in the quilt top nests.  This makes quilt top assembly so . much . easier!  Pressing instructions are included in every Busy Hands Quilts pattern when nesting is possible, even if it's just a few seams in a block.  They are so helpful!

Photos of Glimmer were the first photoshoot I've done in our new home in Ohio, so it was a work in progress to get the location figured out and the room just right.  I'm loving the windows on two walls  in the bedroom and how much that opens up the time of day that pictures can be taken, rather than waiting for the light to be perfect for less than an hour through one window.  
I turned around, and lo and behold, there was Glimmer in all of her glory in the mirror! ♥

Bonus Quilt Blocks

In some of the sizes in Glimmer, a few extra quilt blocks are made and not used in the quilt top.  Making equal number of blocks in each colorway allows you to decide on the order of the colorways  across the quilt top after the blocks are made, instead of having to commit to a set order of colors before cutting and sewing, when it can be especially difficult to visualize how the quilt will look.
It's all good!  The quilt pattern includes instructions on making pillow covers or small table toppers with the bonus blocks, so they won't go to waste!

The Glimmer quilt pattern is available in the Busy Hands Quilts shop.

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