Hampton Court Quilt Pattern - A Scrappy Black and White Throw Quilt!

Hampton Court Quilt Pattern - A Scrappy Black and White Throw Quilt!

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Today I'm sharing another Hampton Court quilt.  This time it's a scrappy black and white quilt.  Some of my favorite fabrics to collect are black prints with just white in them.  They're so versatile.

Hampton Court is a great stash-busting quilt pattern that calls for fat quarters or yardage, and it's super easy to translate that into using fabric from your scrap bins.

The Hampton Court quilt pattern is available in the Busy Hands Quilts shop.

The Hampton Court Design

The design in the Hampton Court quilt pattern is found in the brickwork on the exterior of Hampton Court, King Henry VIII's castle built in the 1500s.  The brick sizes vary throughout the quilt top and are not all the same size.

Two Methods of Quilt Construction

The Hampton Court quilt pattern includes instructions for two methods of construction - traditional piecing and strip piecing.  

Traditional piecing is sewing together individual bricks one by one.  Phew, I'm tired already just thinking about making this quilt one brick at a time.  But maybe that type of sewing energizes you, so I have included it in the quilt pattern.  :)  Yay to being different!  

The second method included is strip piecing - sewing strips of fabric together, pressing, and then sub-cutting them into segments and then sewing the segments together to make blocks, rows, or columns.  This is my preferred method because it speeds up the process.  
There are some benefits to traditional piecing over strip piecing.  The strip pieced method requires a bit more fabric, as shown in the Quilt Stats on the back of the pattern cover.  Traditional piecing gives the freedom to choose exact fabric placement as the bricks are sewn together one by one, while strip piecing gives up some control of where each fabric ends up.  This quilt is strip pieced, and it's not noticeable if two identical bricks end up next to each other, but with some color combinations it is more noticeable.

In spite of these potential setbacks, strip piecing is my preferred method to make Hampton Court.  Hands down!  It's just . so . much . faster.  Almost unbelievably faster.
Life is about making more quilts, so let's make them more quickly!  :)

4 Quilt Sizes Included!

The Hampton Court quilt pattern includes 4 sizes.

    Throw Size  54" x 73"
    Twin Bed Size  72" x 91"

    Queen Bed Size  90" x 109"
    King Bed Size  108" x 109"
As many sizes as possible are included in my quilt patterns so they are a true value to you, and you don't have to do the math to change a pattern into the size you want to make.  I ♥ doing the math for you!!

The Hampton Court quilt pattern is available in the Busy Hands Quilts shop.

Scrappy | Fat Quarters | Yardage

The Hampton Court quilt pattern is perfect for using scraps, fat quarters, or yardage.  This quilt looks scrappy but is actually made with the large collection of black/white fabrics in my stash.  I have a large section of black/white fabrics in my yardage stash.  When I would like to support a company and purchase some fabric but I don't really have a need for anything specific, I'll often purchase black/white prints to add to this shelf of my stash because I know that they will be used them one day.

Most of us have piles / boxes / bins / shelves / under-the-bed boxes (yeah, we hide them everywhere!) of fat quarters waiting so patiently for their turn to be used.  This is a great pattern to pull out a variety of fat quarters, either in a single colorway like this black and white quilt, or in several complementing colorways.  Pair them with a background color that contrast sharply with all of the prints, and you simply can't go wrong with Hampton Court.

Longarm Quilting

The longarm quilting design is Crystal Ball by Karlee Peterson, quilted on my HandiQuilter Fusion with ProStitcher in black thread.  This design has a fair amount of backward (right to left) stitching that can be difficult for some machines.  My longarm doesn't like to stitch backward for very long unless I use a specific thread which I do not stock in my studio.  I don't like to walk backward either!  I held my breath every time it stitched backwards because the thread tends to break.  But oh my, what a stunning design to see unfold as it stitches out.

The Hampton Court quilt pattern is available in the Busy Hands Quilts shop.

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