Mariposa Twin Quilt in Botanical Blue!

Mariposa Twin Quilt in Botanical Blue!

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I got a bee in my bonnet and made a third Mariposa quilt on a whim this week.  Well, there really was more motivation than that behind the decision to drop everything and make this quick, stunning quilt.  Besides, it's so cold here that the bees surely aren't out and about.  🐝

I ♥ making the Mariposa quilt!  The piece sizes are Accuquilt friendly, so this time I pulled out my Accuquilt and made the quilt even faster than before.  That Accuquilt saves a lot of time when the HSTs don't need to be trimmed.  The quilt top took one day to make and a second day to quilt and bind.  

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My husband often has great ideas, and attaching quilts to the garage door with magnets was one of them.  Best . Idea . Ever .  Thanks, hon!  I got these heavy-duty magnets, and they work like a charm.  This idea, along with my new phone, has really improved my quilt pictures for pattern covers.  I can even take pictures when it's moderately windy, unlike the clothesline.

So, I bet you're wondering what the story is behind why I made another Mariposa quilt?  It goes like this - This pattern has been kitted by Connecting Threads (not yet available), and I was recently notified by CT that their quilt maker noticed that the quilt layout diagram in the pattern did not match the quilt mockup on the pattern cover.  OOPS.  Big no-no.  The difference was the mockup had every other block rotated 90 degrees, and the quilt layout diagram had all blocks oriented the same direction.  Below is the difference - all blocks the same on the left and every other block rotated on the right.  The one on the right has more subtle background designs and is the "correct" Mariposa design.

When I made the first two Mariposa quilts, I followed the layout diagram in the pattern and didn't refer to the pattern cover, so both of those quilts are laid out with the blocks all oriented the same direction.  This one is a Twin size in Maison Rouge fabrics by Connecting Threads.  This quilt has sold.

And this one is in fabrics from my stash in black and red, also a Twin size.  This quilt has sold.

Here is a comparison between the black/red version and the correct Botanical Blue version.  This comparison shows the difference markedly.

So if you've purchased a Mariposa quilt pattern already, just make a note to yourself to rotate every other block 90 degrees to get those smashing secondary designs.  That's the only change in the pattern.

That there quilting is using dusty blue thread!  I am on a kick using colored thread in my quilting whenever possible, and it's oh, so fun.  I used to be just a white, gray, and black thread girl, but I'm expanding my horizons.  My goal is to blend the thread into the backing fabric and the quilt front as much as possible, so I am being more careful about the color of fabrics I buy for backing.  Having a color card for the longarm thread is a great help in choosing the right thread.  My longarm works best with Superior Omni thread which I get from Linda's Electric Quilting in Texas or Kingsmen Quilting Supply in North Dakota, and I used Superior So Fine! for regular piecing.  This is a 50-weight thread.  I used to use Superior Omni for piecing, but it's a 40-weight thread, and my piecing got A LOT more accurate when I switched to the thinner 50-weight thread.

Quilt Stats:
Pattern:  Mariposa
Size:  Twin, approx 71" x 91"
Fabric / Front / Backing / Binding:  Botanical Blue by Connecting Threads
Batting:  Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 cotton poly
Quilting:  Allover leaves on Gratitude, my HandiQuilter Fusion with ProStitcher

This Twin size Mariposa quilt in Botanical Blue fabrics is for sale.

You can purchase the Mariposa quilt pattern in my shop right here or use the Buy button below.

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