Waterfall Throw Quilt in Black and Red!

Waterfall Throw Quilt in Black and Red!

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Today I'm sharing a Waterfall quilt that I made last year.  Waterfall was released last year, and this was the quilt I sewed up to test the pattern.

Waterfall is a unique design that uses the traditional log cabin block with pieced setting triangles that echo the design clear out to the edge on all four sides, as well as the four corners.  

Fabric Selection

This black and red version of Waterfall is made with fabrics from my stash.  I looked through my fabrics for two colorways that had five prints each that ranged from light to dark.  Black and red won out!  The amount of white in the prints determined the hue of each fabric and its placement in the blocks.

Below is the the cover quilt of the Waterfall quilt pattern.  The exact fabrics used to make this quilt are included inside the quilt pattern.

Waterfall Design

The Waterfall blocks are made with two colorways, one on each side of the block.  The colorway on the "left" side of the block ends up a little more dominant because it has a longer piece in it.  

Waterfall is a log cabin quilt pattern that flows all the way to the edges.  The setting triangles are different on each side of the quilt top, and the four corner blocks are all different, as well.  this preserves the design right out to the edge.  Don't worry - I've broken it down step by step so it's easy peasy!  The instructions include detailed piece labeling instructions at the cutting step, so when the blocks are pieced, you know exactly which pieces to use.

Longarm Quilting

This Waterfall quilt is quilted with Halcyon, a digital design, in black thread on my HandiQuilter Fusion with ProStitcher.  I love designs that echo, and this one does that perfectly.

The backing on this quilt is Widescreen in Black, available right here.

How Do I Make this Pattern in the King Size?

This is the most common question I am asked about Waterfall, so much so that I really need to add it to the FAQ section of my shop!  

Waterfall includes two sizes - Throw and Queen, because Twin and King didn't work out.  The size between the Throw and the Queen would have been more of a Full/Double, and I rarely ever include that size in a pattern.  This didn't seem like a Baby quilt pattern design, so I didn't include the Baby size, but that one does work out mathematically.  I have future plans to make Waterfall II in the Baby size though.  {Side note - Waterfall II is similar to Waterfall except there are less fabrics used).  Waterfall II is shown below and is available right here.

It's understandable to think that another row of blocks could be added to the Queen size to make a King size ... but ... mathematically it doesn't work out to the King size - it works out to the ginormous oversized King size at over 130" wide.  😲  It's true!  So that's why the King size isn't included in the pattern.  I do love to spoil you and include as many sizes as possible, but I just couldn't do that in this pattern, unfortunately.

The best way to make Waterfall in the King size is to make the Queen and add borders to increase it to the desired size.  Be sure to make it a bit bigger to allow for shrinkage, and because no one wants to fight over the covers, but also within limits to fit standard 120" batting.  :)

Quilt Binding

I like to cut the binding at the same time I'm cutting pieces for the quilt top so it's all done.  Making it at that time is the icing on the cake, so I don't have to do it after the quilting is finished, but I rarely do this.  

This quilt was finished off with a tone-on-tone black that I had cut for a different project and forgot to use and thus cut another pile of strips!  Does this ever happen to you?  I have started placing the binding with the quilt top, especially if the quilt top ends up hanging in the closet before it's quilted, so I don't make this mistake again.  😅

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